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5 Benefits of Having a Professional Musician Website

5 Benefits of Having a Professional Musician Website

While there has been a recent trend of professional musicians eschewing their own websites to focus on social media, there are more benefits than ever of having your own platform to promote your brand and business.

Here are 5 benefits of having a professional musician website:

  1. Stand Out Against the Competition

No matter what stage of your music career, or if you are trying to sell out concerts or land gigs playing at weddings, standing out in the music industry is important as ever to earning a living doing what you love.

Having your own professional website can help with this, while also helping you to build an audience around a platform that you own, rather than one designed to charge you (and your competitors) for advertising. On a website like Facebook, people are only one click away from viewing your competitors content – or some other distraction – instead of yours.

A professional website also allows potential venues to see that you are the real deal, and have somewhere to link to when promoting your event.

  1. A Central Hub for Your Social Media Activity

Having your own website can also help you gather all your social media activity in one place, helping both you and your audience keep track of your latest activities.

It helps to tie everything together, as well as allowing you to create more interactive experiences, including in the ways you can ask people to share your content with their friends.

  1. Help People to Keep Track of Your Events

There are many great calendar plugins for WordPress that can help people to keep track of your events. Some of them even allow you to directly sell tickets through your site, or integrate into systems such as Eventbrite or Get Invited.

If events are your bottom line, you would be crazy not to have your own website on which to promote them!

  1. Information Gathering

Part of establishing a successful music career is establishing an audience. Maintaining an audience requires regular communications. Having your own website – as opposed to relying on social media for all your communications – means that you can collect information about your audience that helps you to keep in touch with them.

A great option for this is letting people sign up to a newsletter via your website, allowing you to gather names and email addresses which you can use to send offers or information about upcoming events. Integrating a system such as Mailchimp with your site can even allow you to add a personal touch of marketing automation, sending people emails on their birthday or other special days during the year.

Email is also widely known as one of the most cost-effective channels through which to keep in touch with an audience.

  1. Your Own Platform to Sell Merchandise

As much as music is a creative endeavour, you have bills to pay. They don’t call it the music “business” for nothing! Your own website is the perfect opportunity to add a new revenue stream through selling merchandise, from t-shirts to badges, without the platform fees associated with selling them elsewhere online or the time-intensive requirements of selling it only in person.

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